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24 June, 2021

Top 7 best web design company in Toronto, Canada - 2021

Web design is the technical term for creating a working website. Website design is a hugely complicated process, even though modern technologies have toned down the effort that usually was required to make it in the olden days. Businesses of today are required to have a website and most businesses that do not necessarily previously needed a website have now moved online to take advantage of the profit margins. Due to the high demand and oversaturation, it has become extra difficult to make websites for actual web design companies. While basic website design can be independently learned and can be implemented by any business, designing websites that perform well, incorporate trends and have lots of other important features within them tends to be difficult for businesses.

This is why most businesses that either have the internet as their main customer base or want a steady source of income from internet-based customers approach web design companies. These are companies that have significant expertise in designing websites or the front-end of the internet business. The main area of work such a company does is making sure that options are available to the customer to interact with the business in a way that both the business and the customer can profit from it. This in technical terms translates to graphic design surrounding the website, different user interface designs and making sure the website is desirable. The user experience design (UX design) is the technical term used for associating the desirability of the website with profits that may be accumulated due to increasing such desirability

The List of Top 7 web design companies in Toronto

As the number of businesses that want to take to the internet has certainly not decreased anywhere in the world, there is a lot of demand for web design companies. This is true for Canada just as it is for any other country. There are many Canadian companies that from many years have been involved in giving these types of services to their clients around the world. Following are some of the top web design companies.


Pixelcarve is a leading web design company that is located in Toronto and focuses its core activities on website design, branding and creative media production. The company has 22 years of experience in giving these services to its clients and thus deserves a spot in the top web design companies on this list. They also make websites SEO friendly and provide clients with branding strategies.

Nextbrain Technologies

Nextbrain Technologies is another web design company in Toronto that is famous for its services. It provides highly customized web design services for each of its clients. The web design follows the latest security standards and protocols and is suited for consumers that may be worried about the security aspect. The members of the company also make sure that the web design is highly attractive as in-house UX and UI experts make sure that the website is in line with the latest trends but is unique in its own way.

Parachute Design

Parachute Design is another company that has been giving its clients web design services in Toronto since 2003. The company also gives graphic design services and logo designs for its clients. It has won many awards for its services for its clients, and they work in both business to business and business to consumer settings. They provide services for a wide range of industries including Tech, health and fitness and finance.

Kinex media

Kinex Media has another set of web designers in Toronto who have expertise in various domains. They have worked for transportation, B2C and B2B settings and deliver both website design and digital marketing services. Their digital marketing services include various types of marketing strategies that are integrated into a website. They have more than 170 brand connections due to their expertise and years of experience in the field.


The Toronto web designers that work on Inorbital are very professional at UX design and web design services which are the primary services they provide. They provide customized web design for many of their clients and start by researching each client’s business model and what they can do to increase their business profits. They also provide digital marketing strategies to many of their clients and provide website maintenance services when issues arise at any stage of their work.

A nerd’s world

A peculiar name in the Toronto web design industry, A nerd’s world is a web design, logo design and SEO company in Canada. The company is a family owned private business and has 14 years of experience designing websites for its various clients. Its work is geared towards most modern eCommerce businesses and those websites that require more marketing touch. Their marketing strategies are also primarily geared towards this type of business.


Simplistics is another Toronto based website design company that dives deep into website design. They pay attention to their client’s needs and focus on the functionality and performance of the website first. Then they move to user experience and design and make the website attractive and easy to use to its users. They also have website maintenance services that they provide to their clients on a regular basis. The clients can also request such services if any issues show up in them.


Nextbrain Technologies is a very skilled web design company that is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. They always keep up with the latest web design trends and make sure the performance issues are fixed to a better than optimal position. They provide web design services from absolute scratch and also provide web redesign services. Because they have an In-house user experience and design(UX/UI) team working with them, they are also very good at reaching their results faster. They serve many clients in the world and provide support services to websites they have worked on previously.